Choosing Your Colors

Picking the colors for your home can be a daunting task because of all the different colors and surfaces where you can add color.  To make matters worse, it is also the most important step in the process of repainting your home.  A beautiful exterior is not only the first impression of the home but it can increase the value of your home.

With color you can add your individual statement by selecting a color scheme and accents that enhance the beauty and your architectural features.   Strait paint color is better thought of as the canvas for the features of your home that are the most attractive.There are Several Tools to Help you with Choosing Paint Colors

The best process to follow:

1.  Do Your Research….  Most of us live with HOA (Home Owners Associations) requirements and processes.  This is usually a good place to start to better understand what your creative limitations might be.  Eckles Painting can also provide you with consulting services to ease the burden of selecting colors and working with HOAs.

2.  Get Creative.  Drive through different neighborhoods, visit model homes, talk to designers, visit paint stores and talk to friends and family. Sherwin WilliamsBenjamin Moore  and Valspar all have online color tools. You can upload your own photos to get an idea of how you colors will fit in your home. Color combinations are also tricky. The Digital Color Wheel can help you see the relationship between colors. These are good guides, but it is still best to sample the paint on the wall or with a color board than rely on a photo or your screen.

Consider adding accent color to a wall of a room that will enhance the look and feel of the space.  Accenting window trim and doors is an easy way to change the appearance of your home. Consider that your color scheme is only one element.  Consider the textures and colors of existing brick, stone, shingles, fixtures and landscaping as part of the creative process.Choosing Paint Colors with Accents and Highlights

3.  Sample the schemes.  Experiment with paint samples by painting color boards and tacking them on the wall so you can see how the colors change as the ambient light moves through a room.  Paint swatches on the side of your home so you can see the body, trim and accent colors together.   Paint will always show different characteristics from sheen to hue when is is applied to different surfaces. HGTV  has a quick video on the best way to test interior colors in your home.

4.  Don’t Forget.  It is only paint.  If after all of the effort you have put into the search, you do not like the colors you have selected.  Any color can be painted over.

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Choosing Paint Colors can be an enjoyable experience