What detail will I see in my quote?

You will see a description of the project that we have agreed upon. The total estimated cost including labor, materials, areas to be painted and color selection. You will also see the work to be performed, procedures we will follow, preparation details, and payment information and terms.

Can you provide references?

We can provide you with specific customer references that are customized to your needs. We can supply you with references from your neighbors (interior projects or exterior projects), ( residential or commercial).

Are you insured?

Eckles Painting is fully insured and can provide you with our policy coverage documentation.

What painting techniques do you use?

For Exteriors, we have found that spraying the body(siding) of your home by a skilled professional will give you great paint coverage. We brush and roll the trim to give your home an appealing finish. For interiors we prefer to use the roll and brush method. This method is more affective for interiors and does not create additional dust that sprayed paint will.

What does the weather have to be like before you can paint?

Most of the exterior products we use require ambient (temperature of the air) and surface temperatures be above 35 degrees. Most products require a 24 to 48 hour dry time to complete the adhesion process. Staining exteriors requires temperatures be above 50 degrees. In Colorado, we can paint exteriors almost all year round. The other restriction in the winter months is shorter daylight hours. Cold Weather Painting

Why do you need to pressure wash?

” id=”id6″]Pressure washing accomplishes a few things. It will rinse away dust, webs and other material that can negatively affect paint. It will also remove any loose paint as the first step in scrapping, sanding and primer painting damaged areas. During the pressure washing process we will also identify any additional areas where the prep crew needs to concentrate their efforts.Pressure Washing Your Home

What if it rains after you pressure wash?

A rain storm after pressure washing typically does not undo the pressure washing. It will normally extend the dry time before we can start to prepare your home for painting. We will always give the surface at least 24 hours to dry before we apply any primer, calk or paint.

How do you prepare a house for painting?

For exteriors, we will pressure wash first. Then we will scrape, sand and apply primer to all weathered surfaces. Caulk will be set in all cracks, wood joints, around windows and doors and in any previously identified areas. If needed, we will replace trim and siding we have discussed with you.

For interiors, we move all of the furniture, fixtures, window treatments and wall hangings for you.  Drop cloths are placed on all floors.  Furniture is covered with plastic.   All damaged areas are repaired and holes filled.  Primer will we applied to bare or raw areas prior to painting.  Blue painters tape is used ensure clean strait lines.

Do you use oil or latex primer?

Both products have specific uses. We will use an oil based primer on bare wood because of its excellent penetration of natural bare wood. Latex is best used on surfaces that have existing latex paints on them. When we apply new trim where we use natural wood material we will use oil primer. When we are covering nail marks and over existing paint we will use latex.

What kind of caulk do you use?

Using a high quality caulk is just as important as the paint that is applied. Your home will naturally expand and contract with the extreme changes in temperature we can experience in Parker. Keeping moisture out of your structure is critical to maintaining a longer life to your new paint as well as the structure. We use Sherwin Williams highest rated products to ensure the cracks do not reappear.

What finish is typically used on exteriors?

There are several sheens to choose from. Satin is the most common finish used for exteriors in Colorado. Because of the more intense sunlight and large swings in temperature, a higher sheen is best. Using a semigloss or gloss tends to be too reflective under our sun. A flat sheen does not stand up the wear and tear of our weather. However, every year the paint manufacturing community has been improving the wear ratings for flat paint.

How long will my exterior paint last?

There are a lot of life expectancy claims made by paint manufacturers. Practical experience has taught us that in our environment we all need to repaint every five to seven years. We use only high quality paints that we know will withstand the punishment our sun and seasons inflict on our homes.

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We have contractor agreements with Sherwin Williams, Kwal Paint and Guiry’s (Benjamin Moore). They all carry high quality products. We can accommodate any paint you require.  We prefer Sherwin Williams Super Paint because Sherwin Williams does an exceptional job of color matching and overall customer service.

How many coats of paint do you apply on an interior?

We apply a minimum of two coats of paint on the walls and ceilings. There are some colors that require an additional coat. However by using the correct primer gray shade we can get to the true color with two coats of paint. Trim and door casings are also painted with two coats.

Can you paint my house while I am not there?

Simply, yes. We do not need anyone to be at home for us to complete the project. We do need your help in making sure your windows are closed before we pressure wash and that we have access to your yard.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks and credit cards for your convenience.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment terms are available. We will do everything that we can to accommodate your needs.

Can you help me find window, roofing and other contractors?

We have worked with several other contractors. We will only recommend the ones we feel uphold the same professional business practices and craftsman standards we believe in.

To get your free estimate you can either call us at 720-231-2344 or email Eckles Painting, Inc. We look forward to hearing from you.