At Eckles Painting we are passionate about helping you transform your living space.  We all derive great pleasure in working with our clients to give them the highest quality in application and material.  Our teams of painting professionals strive for perfection and always take a craftsman approach to achieving your desired result.  Below is our interior painting process that demonstrates our commitment to excellence and value and to your satisfaction.

Interior Paint ProcessEckles Painting has Painted Several of Your Neighbor's Interiors

Step 1 – The Estimate:

We will answer your questions and your expectations about the Eckles Painting process.  We will share an overview of what you can expect:

  • Details of preparing the substrate and replace or repair options for damaged areas.
  • How many days it will take to complete your painting project
  • Discuss the products we use and why they are the best brands

You will receive a detailed estimate outlining the labor and materials costs.  You will also know up front of any additional costs expectations for change orders.  Please visit our FAQ Page for answers to additional questions you may have now.  Our Project Coordinator will be calling to confirm we received the signed agreement as well as to discuss a tentative pressure wash date, paint date and to see if you have any additional questions about color or the process.

Step 2 – Color Selection:

  • We can set up a color consultation to assist you with picking colors.
  • Visiting model homes is a great way to see their color schemes and help you decide what would work best for you.
  • We can get you in touch with top designers if you need help with your total vision in addition to paint colors.

Sherwin WilliamsBenjamin Moore  and Valspar all have online color tools. You can upload your own photos to get an idea of how you colors will fit in your home. The Digital Color Wheel can help you see the relationship between colors. These are good guides, but it is still best to sample the paint on the wall or with a color board than rely on a photo or your screen.

We will need your approval for any color matches to ensure you are satisfied with the match.Eckles Painting will keep you on Schedule

 Step 3 – Scheduling:

Your Eckles Painting Project Coordinator will confirm schedule dates and your color information.  Once the prep and paint schedules are set you will receive a confirmation email and overview of the process.

  • Color selection, location, and type of finish will be reviewed
  • Repairs, special conditions, and prep work will be discussed
  • Time frame for start, duration and completion, will be agreed upon

 Step 4 – Surface Preparation:

Caulk will be applied to all vertical seams, specified cracks and around doors/windows. This creates the best surface for paint to adhere.

Step 5 – Painting:

Your Eckles Painting crew will cover all adjacent flooring areas with drop cloths. They will tape and mask(cover with plastic) all areas that will not be painted.  Plastic will be used to cover furniture, handrails and anything that will be exposed to potential paint drip or splatter.

Painting:Leave the work to Eckles Painting of Parker Colorado

All surfaces will be rolled or brushed with two coats using top of the line materials. Popcorn ceilings will be sprayed for best coverage.  Our crew performs daily job site cleanup and will complete regular inspections with you and their supervisor to ensure you are satisfied with the process and progress.


Step 6 – Final Walk Through:

Once the job is complete the supervisor will contact you to coordinate a final walk through at your convenience.  This step is to ensure that your expectations have been met and that you are satisfied with the work. Payment is collected at the end.

To get your free estimate you can either call us at 720-231-2344 or We look forward to hearing from you.

Free Estimate from Eckles Painting of Parker Colorado