Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight

recent project completed by Eckles Painting

                   Wild Bird Way  – Now – Song Bird Way

Wild Bird Way has been in business at 13019 S Parker Rd, Parker, Colorado for over 13 years.  They needed to change their colors because we are no longer associated with a franchised wild birding supply store.  They were challenged with removing all of the existing trade dress.  The project was to make the existing colors and branding change quickly.

The owner’s wife is a successful artist and painter who knows color so they had a good idea of what they wanted the new look and feel of the store to communicate to their customers.  They were looking for colors that would be bright and inviting.  They also wanted to complement the existing fixtures and new signing.  Eckles Painting helped them by letting them know exactly Another recent project completed by Eckles Painting in Parker Coloradohow the colors would look on the walls, how the colors would complement each other, and how the higher sheen would help to increase the brightness of the store.

The colors chosen were a Robin’s breast orange as the base and a Blue Bird’s egg blue as the highlight color.  Determining the appropriate color configuration was the next step.  The base color would be on the lower section of the wall and the highlight color should be above the base.  The architectural features of the store were taken into consideration for the best break in color on color.

After some normal apprehension we all have when changing to a new look, the base color was applied to determine how to build the additional colors into the scheme.  Recent project color selection by Eckles Painting in Parker ColoradoThe complimentary color was then added to the top of the walls above the columns and the window surround in the front of the store to create a comfortable balance and flow.

David is looking forward to adding additional signing and displays with two more colors to the store.  They will be re-opening as Song Bird Way at 13019 S Parker Rd, Parker, CO on the 14th of March 2012.  Please go in and say hello to David and see how his store has transformed.

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